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Conn. Towns Seem Like Targets for Space Rocks



    Conn. towns seem like targets for space rocks

    Meteorite hits Waterbury home 19 days after another hit Wolcott home (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Wolcott, Conn.) - Wolcott, Conn. is next door to Waterbury and it seems the area has become a target of sorts.

    "That's just crazy. It's just unbelievable," said Waterbury resident Jay Langlois.

    He was talking about the meteorite that hit his house a few days back. He didn't see or hear it hit so he didn't know what happened until he saw the damage.

    "The other day because of the rain I saw all this water coming out of my gutter."

    He first thought kids had tossed a firecracker at his house. Turns out it wasn't a firecracker or kids. His wife found the meteorite in their yard and they called Yale University. Scientists there say this meteorite came down 19 days after one hit in Wolcott. They believe the two are related.

    Dr. Stefan Nicolescu of Yale’s Peabody Museum is looking the space rock over.

    "What makes it really interesting and intriguing is that this one hit the house as well," he said.

    Dr. Nicolescu says the rock's dark, fusion crust, high density and its attraction to magnets confirms it's a meteorite. The Wolcott meteorite split in two. This one is virtually intact. Unfortunately, Langlois' gutter is not.

    "I'm just upset that my gutter's broken. I've got to get my gutter fixed," said Langlois.

    As for the tremendous odds against two meteorites landing so close together?

    "They're trying to send me a message," said Langlois.

    Maybe not just you, Jay. This meteorite strike highlights a little quirk that goes back over 200 years. Towns in CT that start with 'W'. Since 1807 there have been six meteorite strikes in Connecticut. Five of them have hit towns that begin with 'W.'