French Soldier on Anti-terror Patrol Stabbed - NECN

French Soldier on Anti-terror Patrol Stabbed



    Authorities probe link to killing of British soldier earlier in week (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN) – A French soldier on patrol was stabbed on Saturday.

    Police sources say a man stabbed the soldier in the neck.

    The soldier was patrolling a business area of western Paris at the time of the attack.
    Sources say the soldier is expected to survive. He was patrolling as part of France's anti-terrorist surveillance plan.
    Officials say the suspect is still on the run.
    The stabbing follows the brutal killing of a British soldier in London earlier this week.
    He was brutally stabbed in a suspected terrorist attack that has raised fears of potential copycat strikes.
    Authorities are now investigating possible links between the two attacks.