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Conn. Grandma Accused of Wandering Streets Drunk With 1-year-old



    Police say they found a bottle of vodka in the baby's stroller (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (WVIT: Josh Chapin) - A Connecticut grandmother is under arrest, accused of wandering the streets drunk with her one-year-old grandchild.

    Police say they also found a bottle of vodka, in the child's stroller.

    "The Fourth of July bottle there ... very eventful 2013 Fourth of July for us,” said neighbor Duane Smith.

    That bottle smith still has is vodka. It was left over from the chaotic scene in front of his house Thursday night.

    "We had a lot of people out there looking. Cars slowing down and looking and looking at her."

    Drivers were looking at Audrey Smith of West Haven, Conn.

    "There's something odd there because yeah she's pushing a stroller," said Jean-Paul Cardichon, who called the police.

    Cardichon had just come back from fireworks with his family and noticed her in the middle of Benham Street.

    "The main road that goes into Dixwell and she was walking right in the middle," said Cardichon.

    Cardichon went by once, then came back and she was still there. He tried to help her and even asked her where she lived. All she could muster was that she heading to west haven.

    "I said do you need money for the bus? I said do you need a ride? She couldn't give me a straight answer so then I just took action."

    He called Hamden Police. Smith told officers she was walking to West Haven with her one-year-old granddaughter. She got angry with police and then they confiscated a half-empty bottle of vodka which was under the stroller.

    Yet smith wasn't done. Police say she started kicking the back seat in the cruiser and banging her head against the glass. Both she and her one-year old-granddaughter were eventually taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

    Smith was also telling neighbors that she was the legal guardian of the one-year-old and that the girl's mother was in prison.

    She's now locked up and due in court in two weeks.