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Pregnant Wives Bond While Military Husbands Serve



    Two Louisiana mothers-to-be have found a connection while their husbands serve in the military overseas (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC: Heath Allen) - Two newborn babies in Louisiana have more in common than a name and a birthday - they share a story of love, friendship, and service.

    Deanna Minarik and Amber Burch didn't even know one another before their husbands deployed to Kuwait, but the two soldiers got their pregnant wives together on Facebook.

    Before long, the two found they had a lot in common: the same doctor, similar due dates, both had decided to name their baby Madeline, and neither of their husbands would be home for the birth of their child.
    With such similar stories, Minarik and Burch grew to support one another.

    "It's a relief to have someone that can kind of give me a little guidance if I get a little lost, a little to emotional," Minarik said.

    "It's very hard having them gone, especially, you know, having kids," Burch added. "It's really nice to have somebody that knows what you're feeling."

    Fortunately for the husbands, they were able to witness their children's births via a laptop brought right into the delivery room.

    "It was amazing. He talked me through everything, and it was wonderful," Minarik said.

    "She set him up. He was right by my head. All I had to do was turn and his face was there. It was like having him right there beside me," Burch said of her experience.

    The two friends and their newborns are still in the hospital, looking forward to continuing their connection into parenthood.

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