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Worcester, Mass. Museum Inviting Public to Be Part of Final Exhibit



    Higgins Armory Museum closing its doors on December 31 after 83 years of giving visitors a glimpse into the past (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - For 83 years, the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, Mass. has given visitors a glimpse into the past, featuring more than 2,000 unique pieces of armor and arms dating as far back as ancient Greece.

    On December 31, the museum will be closing its doors.

    “My son is 50 and we've brought him over the years and then my grandfather when he was old enough a few times and now decided to come up again for one last time,” says Donna Schauerte and her husband are taking a trip down memory lane.

    They are revisiting the venue one last time before the core exhibits are relocated to the Worcester Art Museum.

    One of their stops Tuesday is the museums latest exhibit, knight to remember.

    “I like it a lot of information and explanation and I love the video."

    The final exhibit is a look at how the museum came to be. It focuses on the history of the building, the founder and how his love for collecting armor became his legacy.

    “The visuals in this space are amazing and the building itself the history behind it the first steel and glass building in the US,” says Devon Kurtz.

    The unique part of the exhibit is the memory wall. The museum is asking museum-goers to share their experiences and pictures of their time there. Each story will be on display in the museum until it closes and will become part of the archives.

    “There are so many memories and so many events taken part here been part of people's lives in Worcester and the world for so long.”

    “It's a collection you don't see anywhere else; it’s unique,” Schauerte says. “It’s one of those things either see it or don’t... This is it.”