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Sox DJ Exposes Musical Tastes of Players, Fenway Magic



    TJ Connelly is Red Sox resident disc jockey; he says Dustin Pedroia is very fond of hip hop (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) – He’s the mood maker, the stadium swayer, the man that gets you to sing along to “Sweet Caroline” during the bottom of the 8th inning at Fenway Park.

    “Forty-thousand people singing along with anything is magical,” he says.

    TJ Connelly is the resident disc jockey whose job it is to make the Red Sox fans hear songs they love and get the Red Sox players in the right state of mind.

    TJ says Dustin Pedroia is a fan of west coast rap and hip hop. He says David Ortiz has very wide tastes.

    “As long as there are big heavy beats, we are in good shape.”

    There are also players who dig country, he says.

    TJ says for the two most important games of his career so far, the World Series, the stakes are higher so the energy is kept higher. He says the music is a bit more aggressive.

    And not one to be left out, DJ TJ is sporting a beard of his own. He says it’s a happy coincidence.

    “I’ve had it for like two years; I just grew it and lo and behold, now it’s kind of a thing.”

    Superstitious rituals are synonymous with American’s favorite pastime; the team DJ is no exception.

    He says he won’t even look at the screen that has “Dirty Water” on it until the game is over.

    “You don’t want to in any way jinx anything.”