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Entertainment: Emile Hirsch Cast as John Belushi for Film



    Entertainment: Emile Hirsch cast as John Belushi for film

    Filming is expected to start this spring (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) - If you thought Kanye West''s engagement was elaborate, he's got bigger plans for his wedding to Kim Kardashian. West told the Power 106 morning radio station he would like to have fighter jets as part of his wedding day. The ceremony is expected to be sometime next summer. What does Kardashian think of all of this? She told “People” magazine she's leaving all the planning to her fiancée and she'll be happy with whatever he wants.

    Chris Brown may be a free man, but that doesn't mean he's going to stay that way. Brown was released from police custody in the District of Columbia. He is facing misdemeanor charges after allegedly attacking a man at a local hotel. He could be facing more jail time in California if he doesn't make an important legal deadline connected with his 2009 assault on his girlfriend Rihanna. He's got until August 2014 to complete a thousand hours of graffiti cleanup or other community labor or he will wind up back behind bars.

    Filmmakers have found the actor they want to play John Belushi. Emile Hirsch will play the troubled comedian. Filming is expected to start this spring. Hirsch is best known for starring in the movies “Into the Wild" and "Speed Racer."