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8 Confirmed Dead in Glasgow, Scotland Police Helicopter Crash



    Police helicopter crashed into roof of pub Friday, killing pilot, 2 officers and at least 5 other people (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Annabel Roberts) - Eight people are confirmed dead after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a pub in Scotland Friday.

    Police have confirmed that the three occupants of the chopper were killed, including the civilian pilot and two police officers, as well as five people who were inside the bar when the chopper landed on the roof.

    "Three of these eight fatalities were found within the helicopter and were our colleagues in the helicopter crew," said Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House.

    It's a very popular venue for live music and it's thought that more than 100 people were in there, many of them describing thick clouds of dust as the roof collapsed.

    "At first, I thought the speakers had possibly blown, but then I looked around and this cloud of dust suddenly took over the whole pub," said survivor Brenden Riordan.

    Police say 14 people are being treated in hospitals around this city Saturday, some of them with very serious injuries.

    The rescue work is continuing. Police say there is a likelihood the death toll could rise.