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Tips: How to Deal With Holiday Season E-mail Spam



    There are several things you can do to control the flow of e-mail you get (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN/NBC News: Chris Clackum) - Far from the most wonderful time of year for online shoppers, “Cyber Monday” can also be most aggravating, because of junk or spam e-mail.

    Author and Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz said, "Spam is increasing exponentially and I don't see it stopping for a little bit more."

    Michalowicz became so aggravated that he came up with a list of things to do to slow the flow of spam.

    He said a good start is going with G-Mail.

    He said, "G-Mail is masterful at controlling spam.”

    He added, “The system has the intelligence to move the promotional content and the blacklist content out of your inbox."

    He also found that reputable companies that send spam will actually stop as soon as you click the "unsubscribe" link and that spam filters really work when updated frequently.

    Another e-mail irritant that's also worse around this time is the backed-up inbox at work while you're away for the holidays.

    Anna Post of Emily Post's Etiquette said, "It can feel as though, by the time you get back, you're going to be in even more trouble if you aren't checking in."

    Post said to not check in and instead compose an auto-reply e-mail that's diplomatic but firm.

    She said "You can simply say, ‘I will be out of cell service, I will be out of email range for those two weeks, and unable to check in.’"