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NY Archbishop Asks for Unity in Mosque Debate



    (NECN) - The archbishop of New York says tension surrounding the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero could put New Yorkers in danger of losing their sense of tolerance and unity.

    "How can we bring religion, which at its essence is meant to be a source of reconciliation and friendship and unity -- how can we bring religion to bear on this issue?" asked Archbishop Timothy Dolan. "This religious issue that unfortunately is at risk of deteriorating into a source of division."

    The comments from Archbishop Dolan came after he met with Governor David Paterson yesterday.

    Dolan says that both sides of the debate have legitimate stances, and that even though he doesn't have strong feelings on where it should be, he would be willing to be a part of the dialogue if asked.

    Governor Paterson and others have suggested Islamic leaders move the mosque farther away.