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Team From Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Returns From Haiti



    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Hanover, NH) - There's the father pinned beneath his crumbled home for two days, the toddler burned over 40 percent of his body.

    This team from Dartmouth - Hitchcock Medical Center is back from a ten-day relief mission to Haiti, where they helped a handful of the estimated 150,000 people injured in the earthquake.

    The trip was made possible through a collaboration with Dartmouth College and the Boston based NGO its president co founded, Partners in Health, a group already established in Haiti to support the country's primitive health care system.  This team was based at a hospital in Hinche, Haiti, two hours up a mountain from Port-Au-Prince.  

    These doctors and nurses hope their trip to Haiti is the start of what can be a long-term collaboration to help patients recover from the earthquake and the country to create a modern health care system.  The experience has also brought their lives into focus, because for all their struggles and pain the people of Haiti, with awesome resilience, still smile.