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Police Investigate Human Remains Found Near Maine Landfill



    Police Investigate Human Remains Found Near Maine Landfill

    (NECN: Amy Sinclair, Richmond, Maine) - Maine State Police have yet to charge anyone in connection with the discovery of human remains near the Richmond landfill.

    But Tuesday, we are learning more about the deceased father and the son who shared his apartment.
    Investigators spent all day Tuesday in Gardiner going through the Cannard Street apartment that the victim, Leroy Smith II, shared with his 24-year-old son who goes by the same name.

    Of particular interest to investigators, the contents of the dumpster out front.

    Police discovered the senior Smith's remains before dawn Monday morning about 13 miles away.

    "I was shocked, just devastated," said John Williams who lives across the street from the Smith's.

    Williams said Smith moved to the neighborhood about six months ago.

    He worked full time installing insulation and when he was around, they say he was nice, but kept to himself.

    "He was a very good tenant, probably one of the best I've had," said the Smith's landlady Sandy Smith.

    But neighbors said the son, Leroy H. Smith III, seemed troubled.

    They said he wore black, rarely went outside during the day, and sometimes carried a large knife on his pants.

    Neighbors said the father took in the son after he sustained brain damage in a car accident.

    The son's Facebook page reflects a troubled life. with angry posts that reference Satan, and a desire to start World War III.

    On Saturday night, neighbors reported seeing a lot of him.

    "He kept going out to the dumpster, up and down all night. Nobody has that much garbage!" said Jessie Burgess. "He started doing the same thing again Sunday morning."

    Police in Westbrook said they came into contact with the son late Sunday night when he flagged them down on the side of the road asking for directions.

    They arrested Smith after learning that he had violated a harassment order from a previous landlord in Massachusetts and was wanted by the Westborough Police Department.

    Police said once in custody, the son provided information that led them to the father's body in the woods.

    State police have not said how the father died, or how his remains got there, only that the death is suspicious.

    An autopsy was performed Tuesday morning. The cause of death has not been released.

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