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Suspect in Attempted Robbery of WWII Vet Arraigned

95-year-old Arthur Kamberis says he forgives his accused attacker, 42-year-old David Farnsworth



    Man Accused of Trying to Rob WWII Vet Arraigned

    A man accused of attempting to rob a 95-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire, World War II veteran before he was fended off with a cane is being held on $15,000 bail. (Published Wednesday, May 13, 2015)

    A New Hampshire man accused of trying to rob a 95-year-old World War II veteran was arraigned Wednesday after turning himself in, and as the suspect spends the night behind bars, his victim is offering forgiveness.

    Arthur Kamberis was walking home from getting his wife's prescription at Walgreens when he says he was forced to use his cane to fight off a would-be robber who was after his wallet.

    “I said, ‘Look, leave me alone, okay?’ I started away, and he insisted,” Kamberis recalled.

    When asked if he was scared, the WWII vet told necn this was nothing.

    “I’ve been through more dangerous stuff when I was on Okinawa,” Kamberis said. “So I most certainly wouldn’t be afraid of this individual, that’s for sure.”

    The suspect, 42-year-old David Farnsworth of Manchester, turned himself in, but told a judge Wednesday he's innocent.

    “I'm not guilty of this crime, I think there was a misunderstanding,” Farnsworth said in court.

    “Well, how could it be a big mistake? Maybe it’s a mistake on his part, but not on mine,” Kamberis said.

    He admits Farnsworth never turned violent, but says there's no doubt he was out to get his money.

    “I wasn't out to hurt him. I was just trying to protect my property. He had no business trying to get my wallet,” he said.

    Kamberis says as a “young whipper snapper” in 1942, he vowed to always protect what’s his. And in his 95 years, he’s found the courage to forgive Farnsworth.

    “Honestly and truly, I don’t wish him any bad luck,” Kamberis said.

    Kamberis says there was a young man who drove up and intercepted the crime that he’d like to find and say thank you in person.

    Farnsworth is being held on $15,000 bail and is due back in court at end of the month.

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