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Accidental Video Leads to Burglary Spree Arrests



    Accidental Video Leads to Burglary Spree Arrests
    Londonderry Police
    Left to right: Corey Dusseault, Jeffrey Tenney and Robert Tenney, all of Manchester, New Hampshire, were arrested by Londonderry Police for a string of burglaries in multiple jurisdictions.

    A victim's misuse of her camera led to the arrest of the men suspected of burglarizing her house and others in New Hampshire, Londonderry Police said Friday.

    Twenty-one-year-old Corey Dusseault, 26-year-old Jeffrey Tenney and 28-year-old Robert Tenney, all of Manchester, were arrested separately in the last week. They are accused in a string of burglaries spanning multiple jurisdictions.

    A Londonderry resident tried to take a picture of a suspicious Ford Escape in her neighborhood, but no license plate could be seen in the photo. A week later, her house was robbed.

    As it turned out, the victim inadvertently took a video instead of a photo, and the SUV's license plate could be seen. Investigators found stolen property from different locations after executing search warrants.

    Police arrested Dusseault on Saturday, Jeffrey Tenney on Tuesday and Robert Tenney on Friday. They were all ordered to be held on cash bail.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Londonderry Police at (603) 432-1118.

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