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Cop Hurt in Crash While Chasing Homicide Suspect



    Cop Hurt in Crash While Chasing Homicide Suspect
    Bridgeport Police Department

    A Bridgeport officer was hurt when a police cruiser collided with a homicide suspect's car Thursday evening on Interstate 95, according to city officials.

    Public safety officials said police tried to pull over Cewell Sharpe, 32, of Bridgeport, after his car drove through a stop sign on Park Avenue near Benham Avenue around 5:30 p.m.

    Sharpe is suspected in a homicide case, according to a city spokesperson. Authorities have not said which homicide Sharpe is believed to have committed.

    According to public safety officials, Sharpe stopped briefly when police pulled him over, then drove off onto Coleman Street, where he crashed into a parked car while approaching a red light.

    He continued onto Washington Avenue and then the Route 8-25 connector, where he cut off several cars and took the ramp to I-95 northbound, authorities said.

    Police followed him onto I-95, where Sharpe slammed on the brakes, causing the cruiser to collide with Sharpe's Toyota Corolla, according to a city spokesperson. Both cars then slammed into a concrete barrier.

    Officers took Sharpe into custody. A passenger in Sharpe's car was not charged.

    Authorities said the officer driving was injured in the crash and was taken to Saint Vincent's Medical Center for treament. The officer's condition is unknown.

    Sharpe was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license, reckless driving, engaging police in a pursuit, failure to obey a stop sign and violating conditions of his release.

    It's not clear if he has an attorney.

    chasing a murder suspect Thursday evening was hurt when the two vehicles collided on Interstate 95, then smashed into a concrete barrier, according to city officials.