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Police: Postal Worker Breaks Into Home, Tries on Woman's Boots

The homeowner saw the images, captured on her home security camera, through her cell phone, and recognized him as her postal worker



    Cops: Postal Worker Breaks Into Home, Tries on Woman's Boots

    A postal worker who police say was caught on camera breaking into a Dover, New Hampshire, woman's home and trying on her high-heeled boots is facing charges. (Published Thursday, July 23, 2015)

    A letter carrier was caught on camera breaking into a woman's home and trying on her high-heeled boots in Dover, New Hampshire, according to police.

    Police say 39-year-old Richard Ringer of Raymond broke into a Piscatiqua Road home Wednesday between 10 and 11 a.m., went upstairs to the woman's bedroom, found himself a pair of her high heels, and then walked around her house in them.

    Neighbors say the story is an unsettling one they never expected to hear.

    "They're trusted professionals who come near our homes and our kids," said neighbor Gary Storms.

    "I'm shocked actually," said another nearby resident, Rick Farrar.

    "We haven't found evidence of anything missing, however, he did put on the victim's leather boots and walked around the house in her leather boots, which is obviously somewhat strange behavior," said Dover Police Lt. Brant Dolleman.

    Residents say a neighborhood break-in is one thing, but this is disturbing in so many other ways.

    "He comes by our house everyday so he kind of has our schedules memorized," said Piscatiqua Road resident Kendra Rioux. "It's personal, it's kind of creepy, it hits close to home."

    "I am glad they caught it on film," Storms said. "Otherwise, who knows how long it could've gone on, or how many other homes he could've gone into."

    Ringer was arrested within hours and released on bail, but he didn't answer the door at his Raymond home on Thursday.

    Police say they don't yet know his motive, and are still trying to find out if there are other victims.

    "It's something that could've happened before or could've happened to a different resident," Lt. Dolleman said.

    In the meantime, neighbors are thinking twice about who they trust.

    "I'll definitely secure the house a bit better," Rioux said.

    "It's a changing society and we have to be very aware of our surroundings," said Dover resident Frederick Lovely.

    A USPS representative tells necn Richard Ringer has been an employee for seven years. He's currently off duty pending this investigation.

    Ringer is scheduled to be arraigned on Aug. 31.

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