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Customers Join Employees in Fight Against Market Basket's CEOs

Customers raising money in support of Market Basket Employees



    (Published Friday, Aug. 1, 2014)

    Another group has entered the feud involving Market Basket's new CEOs and their employees. Customers of the store are coming forward and speaking out.

    Numerous large-scale employee rallies have taken place over the past few weeks. It's clear that the company's employees want Arthur T. Demoulas reinstated. They won't return to work otherwise. Customers want him back as well.

    "I stopped over to wish them all good luck," said customer Patricia Ward of the ongoing situation.

    Ward is just one of thousands who have been boycotting Market Basket amid the controversy.

    A new go fund me page has been set up by a customer to raise money to take out an advertisement in the Lowell Sun.

    The advertisement will be on behalf of the customers to let CEOs know they are standing by the employees.

    The page was set up Thursday and by Friday their goal of $3k was surpassed by a landslide amount of $18k. At last check it is more than $20K and still growing.

    "I think it's very difficult for people to put their jobs on the line. If their willing to that then I'm willing to stand behind them," added Ward.

    Earlier this week, employees were asked to return to work by Monday. The company also took out advertisements in local papers announcing a job fair next week where they will be looking to fill hundreds of positions.

    But workers and customers don't seem to be backing down.

    "Based on the numbers I'm hearing there is upwards of 2M customers no longer shopping at Market Basket Stores," said David Mclean.