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Firefighter Accused of Selling Drugs While on Duty



    Norwalk Firefighter Accused of Selling Drugs While on Duty

    (Published Friday, Feb. 10, 2017)

    A Norwalk firefighter is accused of dealing cocaine and prescription drugs, including from the parking lot of the fire station while he was on duty, according to police.

    Police arrested 46-year-old Mark Monroe, of Norwalk, Thursday and said they had been investigating for months after allegations surfaced that he was selling cocaine in Norwalk.

    Police arrested Monroe after he met an undercover officer to sell cocaine, according to police.

    Authorities said Monroe sold cocaine to the undercover officer on four separate occasions and he was on duty as a Norwalk firefighter during two of those occasions.

    According to police, Monroe directed the undercover officer to the rear lot of the Volk Central Fire Station at 121 Connecticut Ave., where he conducted the transactions, according to police.

    Norwalk Fire Chief Laurence Reilly said Monroe has been placed on administrative leave.

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    The other two transactions were in at retail parking lots on New Canaan Avenue and West Avenue in Norwalk, according to a news release from police.

    A search of Monroe’s house turned up five additional bags of cocaine, weighing 12.35 grams; five Alprazolam pills, 152 Cialis pills; and 21 pills with no markings, according to police, who believe Monroe illegally obtained the pills.

    Police said officers also recovered 11 vials of suspected steroids and 300 hypodermic needles.

    Officers also found a loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol on top of a dresser in his bedroom. Monroe has a valid permit for the gun, but police said it was stored in a negligent and unsafe manner because minor children in the house had access to the firearm.

    Police seized the gun.

    They also search Monroe’s car and said they found eight additional pills of Alprazolam, Oxycodone and Amphetamine, none of which were in their proper containers. They also seized another bag of cocaine.

    Police also searched Monroe’s personal locker located at Volk Central Fire House but found no contraband.

    Monroe was arrested and charged with several drug offenses, as well as risk of injury to children and other charges.

    He was held on $150,000 bond.