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Firefighters Rescue People Swept Away by Current



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    Milford Fire Department

    Firefighters practicing for an emergency at Silver Sands Beach in Milford found an opportunity to put their training to good use Tuesday.

    Fire officials said they were training to rescue swimmers using jet skis Tuesday afternoon when a bystander pointed out two people clinging to a buoy 500 feet into the water.

    According to the fire department, the people had tried walking out onto a sand bar but doubled back when they realized the water was too deep. The current was strong, however, and swept them into deeper water.

    The two people were able to swim to a buoy and wait for help. They were uninjured but fatigued from struggling with the current.

    Fire officials said they were lucky.

    "If not for the awareness of a bystander and the timing of our training, the outcome could have been worse," Milford Fire Capt. Gregory Carman said in a news Thursday.

    No life guards are on duty this time of year, according to the fire department.