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Beverly Farms 'Horribles' Parade Taunts Both Trump, Mayor Who Declined to March



    Beverly 'Horribles' Parade Includes ICE, Stormy Daniels Floats

    The annual satirical parade took aim at both President Trump and the mayor. The mayor did not march this year following backlash over a float last year with sexist language. The event has been both criticized and celebrated for being unapologetic, including floats with racist and sexist messages.

    (Published Wednesday, July 4, 2018)

    The Beverly Farms Horribles Parade happened again today, with the annual event that its organizers defend as purposefully irreverent keeping many of its displays focused on President Trump, the Salem News reported.

    The floats included one poking fun at Trump's plans to create a "Space Force" as part of the military, as well as one that referenced the Trump Administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents upon detention, the Salem News reported Wednesday.

    But in the past, the annual parade has become known for unapologetically doubling down on even its floats with racist or sexist messages. In 2016, the parade infamously included a "Gorilla Lives Matter" float, ostensibly about the shooting death of zoo gorilla Harambe -- a brazen display during a year when the Black Lives Matter movement was bringing national attention to police mistreatment and killing of black Americans.

    In response to criticism over such floats, the 2017 parade included a large unrepentant sign: "100 Years of Tradition, Quit your bitching."

    The mayor of Beverly did not march this year, following backlash from the 2017 event over another float targeting a resident who had spoken out against the parade. The sign in question tried to sneakily spell out a derogatory term for women using vertical letters in a sign.

    In response to his declining to march, a float this year taunted the mayor with a similar message as past years: "You're the head of the city even though you're a big kitty."

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