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Inflatable Decorations Stolen From Holiday Display



    Inflatable Decorations Stolen From Holiday Display

    A squadron of Santas in Bristol is missing some members after thieves struck a holiday display this week.

    Right along busy South Street in Bristol stands a formation of inflatables. Giant characters parade up the slope past some apartments.

    One front door is almost blocked by donations from people who stop by to salute the snowmen. The packages are headed for the Salvation Army. It'll be the fourth drop off of its kind.

    "Well it started when I was about four years old," said Kris Salls. "We just - we were supposed to get a Grinch one year and we could not get one so we ended up getting a snowman and it just went from there."

    Kris spends money he makes shoveling snow and doing landscaping to set up the display. He's only 15.

    One of the stolen characters had been especially popular this month.

    "The Mr. Potato Head - everyone was posing for pictures in front of it and everything," Salls said.

    He reported the theft to police, and an officer returned with a donation of decorations. Maybe the thieves were after metal, maybe they're just vandals.

    "I'd forgive 'em if everything was returned to the same condition they took it in - I would press no charges and ask no questions if everything was just returned," he said.

    Kris will keep his display up and keep collecting clothing and canned food for the Salvation Army until Jan. 3.