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Man Accused of Lewd Acts While Watching Teen Shower



    Man Accused of Lewd Acts While Watching Teen Shower
    Bridgeport Police
    Rickardo Rhoden is accused of peeping on a teenage girl as she was showering.

    Bridgeport police have arrested a man who is accused of peeping at a teenage girl as she was showering on Thursday and pleasuring himself while standing on a cinder block outside the bathroom window.

    The police investigation started with a report that two men were fighting near Beechwood Avenue and Laurel Avenue on Thursday and one of the men said he had been sleeping, until his girlfriend’s teenage daughter alerted them that someone was looking in the bathroom window when she was taking a shower, police said.

    He immediately got up, ran to the front porch to see if someone was at the bathroom window, where he saw a man masturbating while looking inside the bathroom window, so he yelled, “What are you doing?,” police said.

    The man who was outside the window took off, running behind a corner store, the male witness said, so he got into his car to look for the suspect and caught up to him on Laurel Avenue, then chases the man to Beechwood Avenue.

    When police officers arrived, they saw the male witness and the suspect holding each other by their shirt collars, police said.

    Back at the house, the teen said she was taking a shower and saw a man in a gray shirt at the window looking in, so she ran out to tell her mother’s boyfriend what happened, police said.

    Rickardo Rhoden, 35, of Bridgeport, was arrested and charged with public indecency, second-degree breach of peace and third-degree trespassing.

    Bond has been set at $5,000.