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Police: Man Burglarized Home as 10-Year-Old Boy Hid



    (Published Saturday, May 30, 2015)

    A 10-year-old boy hid in a closet as a burglar forced his way into a Hamden home and stole a large amount of cash and jewelry, according to police.

    Police said they responded to a home on Belmont Street and found that someone had broken in through a back door and stole a safe filled with a substantial amount of money and jewelry.

    The homeowner’s 10 year-old son was home at the time and hid in an upstairs bedroom while the burglary was happening, according to police.

    Neighbor Jennifer Antonier said she saw police outside the home with the boy after the break-in, and that he looked shaken but otherwise okay.

    "I think he's brave. I think he's a brave little kid," she said.

    Neighbors around Belmont Street say the incident left them shaken.

    "It's scary," said Eve Sansone, who lives nearby. "It gives you a sense of insecurity around here. It's sad."

    Officers arrested Derrick Hoover, a friend of the homeowner, and said he a large sum of money on him. Two pieces of jewelry were also found near the burglary.

    Hoover, 31, of New Haven, was charged with second-degree burglary, sixth-degree larceny and interfering with a police officer.

    He was detained on a $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in Meriden today.

    Police said he was also arrested on three re-arrest warrants, with bonds totaling $200,000.