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Missing Bracelet Contains Grandfather's Ashes



    Search for Lost Bracelet Carrying Ashes

    A Quincy woman lost a priceless bracelet containing her grandfather's ashes Friday night.

    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018)

    The silver bracelet Caitlin Latimore has worn around her wrist for the last 5 years is more than just another piece of jewelry.

    "It just helps me get through the day sometimes knowing that he’s with me," Latimore said.

    It’s her connection to her grandfather: one of the beads contains some of his ashes.

    "It means the world to me," said Latimore. "It has a little bit of my grandfather in it so I have him with me everywhere I go. I wear the bracelet literally every single day."

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    And now it’s disappeared.

    It fell off her wrist Friday night.

    She attended a show at The Wilbur in the Theater District, then walked to Park Street where she took the Red Line to Braintree.

    She realized it was missing when she got home.

    "It’s like killing me knowing that it’s just out in the world somewhere in the city and it’s not on me and I have don’t have it anymore," said Latimore. "Kind of hopeless that it’s not going to be found."

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