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Muslim Student Reports Harassment at CCSU

Muslim Student Alleges Harassment At CCSU

Student tells police she believes she was harassed because of her faith (Published Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015)

The president of Central Connecticut State University has sent a message to students and faculty after a Muslim student complained she was harassed at the school.

The student reported on Tuesday that she was verbally harassed. CCSU police and the school's Officer of Diversity and Equity are working with the student, according to Dr. Jack Miller.

"I want to say clearly that such harassment is totally unacceptable and contrary to everything that we as a university sand for," Miller said in a statement posted on the CCSU Department of Psychological Science Facebook page.

The student told a professor that a week before Thanksgiving, she was walking to her car on campus and she believed she heard two men say "killer"  and that she thought the comment was directed at her because she was wearing a hijab, according to a university spokesperson.  It was unclear if the men were students.

When the student told the professor of the incident, the professor emailed CCSU administrators, who contacted CCSU police and the Office of Diversity and Equity.

Miller said the university is a place that is welcoming and supportive of all who work and study there.

"At a time when anti-Muslim rhetoric has become so loud and pernicious in our country, we should especially embrace our Muslim colleagues and students and let them know that they are safe, welcome, and valued here," Miller said in the statement.

He urged anyone who experienced or witnessed any type of harassment to call CCSU Police, the Office of Diversity and Equity or Student Affairs.