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PD: Owner Left Pets Alone for 2 Weeks in 'Deplorable Conditions'



    PD: Owner Left Pets Alone for 2 Weeks in 'Deplorable Conditions'

    A Norwalk woman is facing animal cruelty charges after firefighters checking her home for a broken water pipe discovered deplorable conditions and learned that the owner hadn't checked on her dog and cat for a couple weeks, police said. 

    Amanda Calabrese, 26, of Norwalk, was issued a summons for a cruelty to animals charge. 

    Her house at 14 Ohio Avenue was flooded when a water pipe burst at the home, so firefighters went to check it out. When they arrived, they found a dog in the home alone, police said. The floors were covered in animal feces and urine, which gave the home an odor that made it difficult to breathe, according to police. 

    Norwalk police, animal control and health department officials were then called to the scene and the dog's owner returned as animal control was investigating. 

    Investigators learned that Calabrese also had a cat, which wasn't found at the scene, and that she hadn't checked on either animal for two weeks, police said. There didn't appear to be any food or water left on the floors for her pets. 

    Calabrese told police that someone was supposed to be checking on the animals for her. 

    Animal control officials determined the conditions in the home were unfit for the dog and cat to live in, so Calabrese surrendered the dog to the Norwalk Animal Control officer who responded. 

    It's unknown where the cat is at this time. 

    Police said Calabrese was issued a summons to appear in court on Jan. 20 for a cruelty to animal charge.