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Police Honored for Roadside Revival

The officers received The American Heart Saver Award and the Distinguished Service Award



    Police Honored for Roadside Revival
    Kennebunk Police

    It was a routine traffic stop that turned into a roadside revival.

    In late July, Kennebunk, Maine, police pulled over 84-year-old Scotty Falconer for speeding. As soon as the car stopped, Falconer slumped over the steering wheel. He was having cardiac arrest.

    "We don't usually condone people speeding, but I will say in this instance, I'm glad he brought attention to himself," said Kennebunk Police Chief Robert MacKenzie.

    Officer Matt Harrington quickly started performing CPR, as Officer Mike Tucci brought over a defibrillator. Moments later, they were able to get a pulse to return - and save Falconer's life.

    "It's a hell of a way to get attention, and I hope I don't do it again," said Falconer.

    For the first time since the incident, Falconer and the Kennebunk Police Officers reunited Tuesday.

    The Kennebunk Town Council allowed Chief MacKenzie to make a special presentation, and give the officers awards for their work: The American Heart Saver Award, and the Distinguished Service Award.

    "We have the support of the community, that provides us the ability to go to training and have the equipment that we do," said Officer Tucci.

    The police department didn't let Falconer leave empty handed.

    He had said jokingly in an interview that he was upset the officers ripped one of his favorite shirts as they were performing CPR.

    Tuesday night, Chief MacKenzie presented him with a shirt they had made for him. It read: "I survived a Kennebunk Police Department Traffic Stop."

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