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Teens Accused of Making Separate School Threats on Snapchat



    School to See Increased Security After Threatening Message

    A Massachusetts high school will have an increased police presence on hand Tuesday after a threatening message was posted on Snapchat.

    (Published Tuesday, March 27, 2018)

    A Massachusetts high school student was arrested on Monday and another high school student is facing disciplinary measures after they allegedly made separate threats to local high schools in recent days on social media, according to authorities.

    Police and school officials said they were investigating after posts seeming to target Pembroke High School and Andover High School were reported.

    "Suspended for 3 days! See yall Wednesday," a Pembroke student, whose name has not been released, wrote in a Snapchat photo over the weekend that appeared to show a handgun sitting on a wooden surface.

    "Yes do not come to school tomorrow," read another post, appearing to show three long guns, which a source tells NBC10 Boston was sent to the Andover High School hockey team on Snapchat. Around 7 p.m. Monday, a parent notified police of the post.

    Suspended Student Posts Gun Picture Online

    [NECN] Suspended Student Posts Gun Picture Online

    Police in two Massachusetts communities are investigating apparently threatening images posted to Snapchat.

    (Published Monday, March 26, 2018)

    Authorities arrested a junior at Andover High School, police and town officials said in a joint statement shortly before 10 p.m. The student's name has not been released.

    No guns were found at the suspect's home and police determined that the photo shared had been downloaded from the internet, not taken by the student.

    Meanwhile, Pembroke Superintendent Erin Obey said in a message to family and staff that school officials are cooperating with police.

    "We are thankful to our students that brought this information forward and it is a true testament to how a 'See Something Say Something' program should work," Obey wrote.

    The Pembroke student accused in that town's threat will not return to school during the investigation, according to Obey.

    "That's, like, so scary," senior Jackie Moran said. "No child should fear going to school."

    Woman, 93, Rescued From Camp Fire by Her Garbageman

    [NATL] Woman, 93, Rescued From Camp Fire by Her Garbageman

    Margaret Newsum, 93, had no idea that the Camp Fire was rapidly approaching her Magalia home until her caretaker left for the day and she turned on the television. She was quickly rescued by her friend Dane Ray Cummings, who decided to break company policy and rescue Newsum with his Waste Management truck. KCRA reports.

    (Published 2 hours ago)

    Superintendents in both towns noted that out of precaution, a heavier police presence would be expected Tuesday.

    "Even if it's an empty threat," Pembroke High School senior Brian Morley said, "causing mass panic like this, with just, like, a simple picture, is not something that we should have to go through."

    "I think it's probably an attention thing, unfortunately," Kate Dahlquist, a parent to two children at Pembroke High School, said. "I hope he gets help if he needs it."

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