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Primary Polls Open Across Conn.

Heated mayoral races in Hartford, New London and Bridgeport.

Polls Open for Primaries Across CT

The polls are open in 23 Connecticut cities and towns for the primaries this morning, including in Hartford, where residents are voting on mayoral candidates. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015)

Residents of 23 Connecticut cities and towns are casting ballots today for primary elections, including in a heated race in Hartford, where two mayoral candidates are in a political battle.

Hartford, which was plagued with voting problems during the general election in November 2014, had some glitches this morning, but officials from the Secretary of the State's office said they have been fixed.

Tabulators weren't working at the Hartford Public Library, United Methodist Church and Rawson School. So, anyone who filled out a ballot when they were broken handed it to a moderators to scan it through when the tabulators were fixed.

Av Harris, director of communications for the secretary of state's office, said these were common voting day issues. 

One of the major races in Hartford is the heated battle between Mayor Pedro Segarra and challenger Luke Bronin, who have spent every spare second campaigning.

The voted in the morning and went right back to campaigning.

In the months leading up to the election, they've debated everything from the budget to safety in the capital city and say the key to fixing Hartford's rising homicide rate is engaging young people.

"And we start them early and create interest and create a pipeline as we have done," Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said.

Bronin said there needs to bee more officers on the street to do that.

"If you want the best ambassadors who are going to get those kids thinking about a potential career in public safety," Bronin said, the key "is making sure that there’s an officer that they know."

Segarra said that 52 percent of Hartford's Grand List is tax exempt, "so we can’t entirely foot the bill for this on our residents and our businesses."

Segarra will vote at the Hartford Seminary at 7 a.m.

In New Britain, one polling place opened 45 minutes late when a janitor overslept. 

But he's not the only one in a difficult race.

In New London, the incumbent is facing a tough fight to hold onto the mayoral seat.  

In Bridgeport, a former mayor who was jailed for corruption is trying to return to office.