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Sanders Treated to Excited Reception on Halloween



    Clear the Air
    John Kettman

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders can count Halloween night with his three grandchildren a campaign treat.

    The Democratic presidential hopeful joined his son Levi's family Saturday as they trick or treated in a Lebanon neighborhood.

    The candidate ran into some fans and racked up a few pieces of candy. He shook hands and took photos with other well-wishers.

    A Sanders campaign sign was posted in one yard. At another house, Mary Ann Mastro screamed with joy when she saw Sanders. She fetched her "Bernie bear" to show him. The teddy bear had patches of white hair on its head and a "Bernie for President" button on its chest.

    Mastro's neighbor became excited, too, when he saw Sanders approach with his grandchildren, dressed as the Abominable Snowman, a hedgehog and a witch. 

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