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Thief Steals Wheelchairs from Woman’s Porch

Wheelchairs Stolen from Hartford Home

Police say $20,000 worth of wheelchairs have been stolen from a Hartford family who desperately needs them (Published Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015)

Someone stole a woman's wheelchairs from the front porch of her Hartford home for the second time and police are investigating.

Rene Lewis needs one wheelchair to get around inside her home on Greenfield Street and the other chair, a motorized version, to move around outside.

Lewis said her son realized the wheelchairs were gone around 7 p.m. on Sunday when he saw they were not there. The two chairs are worth a combined $20,000.

“Mine is specially made because I have arachnoiditis and scoliosis,” Lewis said.

Police said they have not found witnesses or evidence to help find the chairs.

Lewis said someone took the chairs a month ago, but they found them the next day.

Lewis just wants the chairs back again and said her she's trapped at home without them and cannot get to doctor appointments.

“Bring my chairs back. They're not toys,” she said.