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Police Find Warehouse Full of Stolen Items



    Investigation Into Stolen Merchandise Leads to Arrest

    Police made an arrest after finding over $100,000 worth of stolen merchandise in a Waterbury warehouse (Published Friday, Dec. 11, 2015)

    Waterbury police say they found a warehouse stacked with stolen items--including high-priced handbags, clothes, prescription drugs and construction equipment-- valued at over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    “Twenty four years, I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It was really unique,” says Deputy Chief Fernando Spagnolo, Waterbury Police.

    Police are taking an inventory of the items found at 1694 North Main Street and working with stores to figure out where the items were stolen from.

    Neighbors were stunned to find out the warehouse was so well stocked.

    “I’ve seen people coming in and out but I never suspected nothing,” said Michael Torres of Waterbury.

    The investigation included serving three search warrants in the city on Wednesday and also led police to find stolen Christmas trees.

    Officers returned the trees to the Saints Peter and Paul School which sells them as a fundraiser.
    “I was grateful we got them back,” said Dan Codianni, a volunteer.

    Since the theft of the trees in November, community members and stores had donated trees to help replace those that had been taken.

    The money raised from the fundraiser helps pay for students’ tuition costs.

    Amid the merchandise discovered at the North Main Street location, officers also found a hand gun, ammo, and cases of fireworks.

    Police arrested 25-year-old Sorrell Porter who now faces several charges, including criminal possession of a pistol or revolver, illegal possession of a controlled narcotic and illegal possession of fireworks.

    Items are believed to have come from local stores and possibly from around the region, police said.

    “What was revealed here was quite astonishing to us,” said Spagnolo.

    Police said the items were likely being sold locally and possibly online.

    More charges and arrests are expected.