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Weirs Drive-In Faces Final Season

The New Hampshire landmark is up for sale and could be torn down



    The New Hampshire landmark is up for sale and could be torn down (Published Monday, May 25, 2015)

    The Weirs Drive-In Theater was one of the first to open in New Hampshire back in 1948, now it's one of the last standing.

    Most of the equipment pre-dates World War II, according to Kevin Baldi, but the movies are today's blockbusters.

    Baldi doesn't just work at the theater, he grew up there. "As a little 2-year-old kid, I used to go and wake Daddy up. 'Hey the bell is ringing, we have to do a film change.'"

    Now the theater, owned by his grandmother, is on the market. Baldi says attendance isn't what it used to be, and it would cost more than $350,000 to make the necessary switch to digital this summer. Furthermore, his grandmother is starting to get old into her 70s.

    Baldi's grandmother is asking $2.5 million for nearly 13 acres of prime real estate, zoned for anything from condos, to retail, even a theme park.

    After nearly 70 years, it's likely this is the final season at the Weirs Drive-In. When asked if there is any chance it could be saved, Baldi said it would take a miracle. 

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