Braude Beat: ‘People’s Pledge’ for Boston Mayoral Race?

(NECN) - Boston mayoral candidate John Connolly is calling on his opponent Marty Walsh to sign a pledge to keep outside special interest groups from spending money on candidates' behalfs in the mayoral race.

What's Broadside host Jim Braude's take on the call for a so-called People's Pledge? He says Marty Walsh won't sign.

"Most important reason is because there's going to be a lot of outside organized labor money, union money, and that's going to go to Marty Walsh," he says.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker's campaign is downplaying a series of tweets between Booker and a stripper in Portland, Ore.

Is this Anthony Weiner, part two?

"The thing that is best for [Booker] - I have no idea how this is going to play out - one huge difference between him and Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner is married, Cory Booker is not," Braude says.

Watch the attached video for more.

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