Broadside: Analyzing Mass. Republican Party, Charlie Baker

(NECN) - With the Republic Party's convention coming up this weekend, the GOP support for gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker runs deep.

Jennifer Braceras of the Boston Herald and John Walsh, former Chair of the Mass. State Committee, joined Jim Braude on Broadside to discuss Baker, his chances for Mass. Governor, and the upcoming convention.

Braceras said Baker will be hurt if he walks away with no opponent in the upcoming primary. "Massachusetts is a liberal state. Massachusetts Republicans are more liberal than the platform," said Braceras.

Walsh said extremists in the party are trying to figure out what Baker stands for. Baker has been attempting to migrate his views to more acceptable waters.

"Charlie Baker's biggest problem is not the platform, it's Charlie Baker," said Braceras.

Political figures Deval Patrick, Barrack Obama, Scott Brown and Mitt Romney among others are also discussed.

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