Broadside: Boston City Councilor's Questions About Medical Marijuana

(NECN) - Boston City Councilors grilled the operators of two marijuana dispensaries planned for the city Tuesday.

Councilor Tito Jackson says the hearing was to hear from the companies that were awarded a provisional medical marijuana dispensary license and to discover what the next steps are.

Jackson has said he has been misrepresented by one of the dispensaries granted a provisional license, Green Heart Holistic, which had claimed the Roxbury city councilor supported. Jackson says he has "huge issues" with the dispensary's location.

He did confront the representative of the company in Tuesday's hearing.

"They said something to the effect of that was a misunderstanding rather than a misrepresentation," Jackson said, adding, "There was no misunderstanding on my part. I met with about 15 of these organizations. This organization is the only one to use my name."

Jackson also adds the location, which is near Boston Medical Center, is also neighboring three methadone clinics that services 2,000 methadone patients.

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