Broadside: Fisher Accuses Mass. GOP of Denying Critical Votes

Tea party candidate Mark Fisher pressed his lawsuit against the Massachusetts Republican Party on Thursday.

The lawsuit demands they certify him as a candidate for Governor, pay him damages and release voter tally sheets that Fisher says will show party leaders denied him critical votes.

“It’s all about the tally sheets. That will be the evidence. I have a strong belief that there was criminal activity. I think the judge does too,” Fisher said.

At a news conference on Thursday, Fisher said he was approached by two party state committee members in December with an offer to pay him $1 million to drop his campaign.

“I’m running for Governor. I’m trying to clean up the state. How can I say I can do that if I can’t clean up the party? This is criminal activity that has gone on at the party level,” Fisher explained. “Changing votes; denying people access to run for an office.”

Fisher also discussed how he believes Charlie Baker, Fisher’s opponent, may have known about these activities.

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