Mike Pence Rallies Supporters at Rally in New Hampshire

Crowd was smaller than expected at Milford Town Hall but still rowdy and steadfast in support

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence was in New Hampshire on Monday, speaking to a crowd of supporters at Milford Town Hall.

The crowd was smaller than expected, but still rowdy and steadfast in their support for Donald Trump.

"We just need him to literally save our country," said Genevieve Kelly as she waited in line to see Pence.

"We do not want crooked Hillary as a president," said Lauren Marsh who was at Monday's rally with her dad.

"I think he's the only one who can fix our economy," said Ed Russo who made the trip from Middleton, Massachusetts.

Just days ago, experts were saying that Hillary Clinton's nine point lead put New Hampshire out of reach for Trump, but that gap is shrinking.

In a one-on-one interview after his rally Monday, Pence told necn it's because his party is uniting at just the right time.

"When Donald Trump or I go into an area, the determination of the people to be a part of a movement that restores American strength at home and abroad is palpable," Pence said.

Milton, New Hampshire resident Kelly Desmarais agreed.

"I think he's getting a little more mojo behind him, he's learning where to speak where not to speak, he's saying the right things that people want to hear," Desmarais said.

With just six weeks left in the race, the New Hampshire GOP says their ground game is the strongest it's ever been.

"We do have the largest trained staff that we have ever had in our party's history," said New Hampshire GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn. "We have 11 offices across the state and more people hitting more doors than ever before."

Democrats though have more than 25 field offices in New Hampshire and claim their grassroots campaign is unmatched.

"We have over 100 field organizers on the ground out everyday direct order contact," said New Hampshire Young Democrat's President Lucas Meyer. "The operation we are running in the state is frankly historic."

Still they admit they're working in a battleground state — up for grabs until election day.

"It's New Hampshire — you really have no idea what's going to happen," Lucas said.

Both candidates have an aggressive schedule in New Hampshire this week. Clinton will be at University of New Hampshire in Durham on Wednesday with Bernie Sanders. Trump will hold a rally on Thursday at the New Hampshire Sportsplex in Bedford.

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