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Obama's Former Lead Secret Service Agent shares Insights on Protecting President Trump

"Because it's not just what happens to him, it's what symbolically it means if something happens to him. So they're absolutely on high alert."

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Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of protecting the President Of The United States? Well the author of 'Becoming Bulletproof' and former Secret Service Agent Evy Poumpouras is telling us.

"Once I went to Africa, former first lady Michelle Obama was going to go to Tanzania and I went a month out in advance just to prepare for her trip."

"People forget that you're a human being and you really endure quite a bit. And some when they leave office, they're kind of like, I'm riding out into the sunset. I need a break. And with the Obamas, it's it's extraordinary because they did the opposite."

Our country is going through a time of change right now. We are seeing protests in almost every city nationwide and still dealing with a pandemic. So what does that mean for the president as he's starting to travel and leave the White House more often?

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"Traveling for him is something that they would be very heightened about, probably really having thoughtful conversations, telling him maybe this isn't the place you should or shouldn't go to going into public. There's a lot of violence. There's a lot of people speaking out. There's so much so much happening right now in society. And to take him and put him amongst that or in that, you really have to be thoughtful about it."

Poumpouras also says "it's not just what happens to him, it's what symbolically it means if something happens to him. So they're absolutely on high alert. They're absolutely probably having really tough conversations with his staff saying, we don't advise you to go here. We don't advise you to do these things. And this is where compromise comes in, because the position of the president is to connect with the people. Ideally, that's what it is."

"We're talking about snipers. We're talking about counter assault teams. We're talking about what's above you in the sky, what's below you underground and all that stuff, all that preparation, the planning, the blueprints, the choreography of it all. It happens weeks in advance"

'Becoming Bulletproof' is available everywhere. "This book is about. And it's not about fixing anybody, because sometimes I see books are telling people, you know, let me fix this or fix this problem. There is nothing wrong with you. This is about overcoming fear and being strong and being resilient."

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