Union Leader Publisher: Christie Told Me He Wouldn't Back Trump

Many reacted to the news Friday afternoon

Many Twitter users reacted to Chris Christie's endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday afternoon.

Christie suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination after the New Hampshire primary. 

Many people from New Hampshire especially had strong opinions. Christie spent more time in New Hampshire than any other candidate, and was endorsed by the Union Leader, the state's largest and most influential newspaper. In the months leading up to the primary, the paper waged an often public battle with Trump, culiminating in ABC severing its debate partnership at the candidate's insistence.

Here's what people had to say:

Joe McQuaid, the Union Leader's publisher, said Christie went back on his word:

And Drew Cline, a former Union Leader opinion page editor, said: 

Kathleen Ronayne, an Associated Press reporter in New Hampshire wondered about the aforementioned Union Leader endorsement:

New Hampshire's Jim Merrill, senior advisor to Rubio, called the endorsement "an embarrassment."


Former New Hampshire Democratic Party staffer Holly Shulman seemed to be enjoying the moment:

Jeb Bush's former communications director Tim Miller had this to say:

Patrick Griffin, a Republican consultant from New Hampshire, said the endorsement was telling:

Form Democratic campaign strategist Mo Elleithee said what many were thinking:

Brady Carlson, New Hampshire Public Radio personality, wondered if Thursday night's debate helped Christie make up his mind:

And Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein shared this:

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