Trump Hammers Opponents, Tells N.H. He'll Win Hispanic Vote

Despite his controversial statements about Mexican immigrants, Donald Trump has been rising in the polls on the Republican side.

Thursday, he told New Hampshire voters he believed he would win the Hispanic vote.

"I have so many Hispanics, and they love me. I employ - they're tremendous people, they work hard. Mexicans, all over," said Trump. "I have thousands. I have thousands, and I love them. Their spirit, the everything."

Trump arrived to huge crowds outside the Weirs Beach Community Center in Laconia Thursday evening.

He knows New Hampshire will be critical in his presidential bid. The key?

"The people just have to love you, they have to believe in you," he said. "We have to bring back jobs. The country is just being ripped by everybody. It's not going to happen if I win - that will never happen."

With his poll numbers rising on the Republican side, Trump took shots at some of the other big-name contenders.

"The last thing we need is another Bush," said Trump. "Hillary breaks the law, nothing happens. Do they even talk about the emails anymore? And I'm tired of it."

And of course he had some choice words for President Obama.

"When Obama got elected, I thought the one thing that really would happen is that he was going to be a great cheerleader for the country," he said.

Trump has received a lot of bad press recently. After making derogatory comments about Mexicans, he lost several business contracts, including his line of ties at Macy's.

"I didn't like them that much, anyway, they're made in China," said Trump. "And you know, the reason they're made in China is because China has so manipulated their currency that it's impossible for American companies to compete."

Trump spoke for about half an hour, then took a handful of questions from the crowd. From there, it was back to the airport. Friday, he brings his campaign to Arkansas.

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