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Game 5 Will Be a Fight for Momentum in World Series



    NECN's Josh Brogadir is setting the scene for us in St. Louis (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, St. Louis, Mo.) – There’s a lot of buzz in St. Louis. The city is rocking. There’s not a ton of panic from Cardinals fans.

    NECN’s Josh Brogadir set the scene for us in St. Louis. He also talked to some guys from sports radio, including Anthony Stalter from 101 ESPN Radio St. Louis.

    Stalter says whoever wins Game Five is going to win the series.

    He says if the Cardinals lose, they can’t expect to win two games on the road at Fenway Park.

    There’s also a lot of talk still about Jon Lester and any substance in his glove. People will be watching for it Monday night.

    And also, one of the most popular sports in St. Louis, other than Busch Stadium, is Pappy’s Smokehouse. Lines were out the door there Monday, and it turns out the Cardinals Game Five started Adam Wainwright stopped by the barbecue joint on Sunday to get a rack of ribs. We’ll see if the comfort food was a good choice before Monday night’s game.