Boston Fans, Businesses Excited for Bruins to Return

(NECN: Julie Loncich, Boston) - It's been a long, boring four months for hockey fans.

"You're alienating your fan base for the most part," said hockey fan Atul Batra.

"I'm a little unhappy that it took so long to get the deal done," said another fan. "It's been a frustrating process."

It's been an even longer, perhaps more painful four months for the bars and restaurants around the Garden.

"We've definitely missed the Bruins," said Chris Fox, Assistant GM at The Greatest Bar. "It's a large chunk of change when it comes to our business."

Hockey accounts for nearly half of the revenue some Boston establishments take in. No hockey meant that shifts had to be cut and other options -- like private functions -- had to be explored just to keep the doors open.

But it appears the new year finally brought about new beginnings.

"I didn't think they were going to play this season and now that they are, I couldn't be more excited," said hockey fan Courtney Leeming.

Fans love hockey and most are excited, but after a 113 day hiatus, some admit it has left them with a bit of bitterness.

"I figure they wouldn't have the season," said Batra. "The fact that they're going to have an abbreviated season - I'm really not that excited. Plus you have tons of players that went to the KHL so it's going to be watered down product anyway."

"Let's just get the season started," said hockey fan Tim Zylicz. "Let's work on an agreement and get the guys on the ice. Fans love hockey in Boston."

"Opening night I'll be there," said another fan.

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