Mexican Authorities Release Photos of Tom Brady's Recovered Super Bowl Jersey

Authorities in Mexico have released photos of one of Tom Brady's recovered Super Bowl jerseys after it vanished from the New England Patriots' locker room in Houston after the game in February.

The photos were released Tuesday by the Mexico's Agencia de Investigación Criminal, a division of Procuraduría General de la República to NBC News.

Brady stolen jersey photos Mexico AG

Meanwhile, the Mexican media organization whose former employee has been identified as a suspect in the felony theft has reportedly apologized.

NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk reports OEM, the largest newspaper company in the country, said they were unaware Martin Maurico Ortega Camberos, who resigned from the newspaper La Prensa earlier this month, had been a suspect in the ongoing investigation.

Ortega has not been formally charged.

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Arkansas) also brought up FBI Director James Comey’s “expressed disdain” for the New England Patriots Monday afternoon, say star quarterback Tom Brady must be thankful for the FBI’s help with finding his stolen Super Bowl jersey.

Local and federal officials announced Brady's jersey from the Feb. 5 big game against the Atlanta Falcons and his jersey in the Pats' showdown against the Seattle Seahawks had been recovered on Monday.

In a statement, Brady said he was grateful for law enforcement officials finding the jerseys.

"Hopefully when I get the jerseys back I can make something very positive come from this experience," he said.

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