Agent: Brady Was “Fully Cooperative”

Don Yee said he hasn't received any indication about when Deflategate discipline might be handed down

Tom Brady's agent said in a radio interview Friday that the quarterback was "fully cooperative" with investigators looking into the Deflategate incident.

"We were fully cooperative," Don Yee told 98.5 The Sports Hub, noting that the meeting between Brady and investigators lasted five to six hours, and no questions were off limits.

Yee issued a statement Thursday blasting the report by NFL-appointed investigator Ted Wells, calling it "a significant and terrible disappointment."

But he told The Sports Hub's "Zolak and Bertrand" show that the report gave a reasonable account of Brady's meeting with investigators. He said he just disagrees with the conclusions and how the report was written. He said at every point where investigators could have given the Patriots the benefit of the doubt, they chose not to do so.

"Do I believe it was truly independent? I don't," Yee said. "This was not a legal proceeding. It was an investigation."

He said he hasn't received any indication about when Deflategate discipline, if any, might be handed down.

"If they do hand out any discipline, we'll obviously try to understand what it is and consider the options and discuss it among ourselves and see what the future holds," Yee said. He also said he remains hopeful that Brady won't be disciplined at all.

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