‘I Think He Cheated’: Patriots Fans React to Miss America’s ‘Deflategate’ Answer

Miss America

The newly crowned Miss America probably doesn't have many fans in New England.

Miss Georgia, a.k.a. Betty Cantrell, captured the 2015 title Sunday night in Atlantic City, and while her Q&A portion may have won over the judges, she certainly lost in the court of public opinion in New England with her response to the "deflategate" controversy involving New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

"Did he cheat? That's a really good question. I'm not sure," Miss Georgia said. "I think I'd have to be there and see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated. If there was a question there, then yes, I think he cheated."

Some Patriots fans and beauty pageant watchers couldn't help but react on social media. 

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