Judge Says He’ll Issue ‘Deflategate’ Ruling by End of Week

Richard Berman had indicated Monday that a decision would be forthcoming by Wednesday

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In an order filed Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said he anticipates issuing a decision and order in the "Deflategate" case by the end of the week.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attended last-minute settlement talks between the NFL and its players union Monday before Berman announced he would decide the dispute over deflated footballs with a ruling in a day or two.

But the order filed by Berman on Tuesday extended that deadline to "the end of the week." No other information was included in the judge's order.

Berman will have to either affirm or throw out Goodell's decision in July to uphold a four-game suspension of Brady.

The NFL concluded the quarterback colluded with two Patriots ball handlers to deflate footballs to gain an edge in a 45-7 victory over the Colts. The NFL Players Association has accused the league of handling the discipline unfairly for Brady, who has denied any role in the scandal nicknamed "Deflategate."

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