New England Patriots Fans Gather in Phoenix

The focus of New England this week may be on digging out of the historic blizzard, but the Patriots are also gearing up for their big game on Super Bowl Sunday, and fans from New England are still trying to make it out to Arizona.

Why not start off a tour of downtown Phoenix in a place all of New England should love: Patriots Square, which is aptly named, even if infiltrated by Seattle's Best.

One man's heart is in Seattle, although he left his head in New England - Chicopee, Massachusetts, to be exact.

"Two great organizations, I'm going to come out a loser and a winner either way," said Richard Fox of Puyallup, Washington.

And speaking of New England, there's ice here in Phoenix, despite it being 70 degrees, and yes, people are skating.

"I don't miss that. I've seen pictures of 3 feet of snow and I'm not having it," said Shaina Blouin, formerly of Rochester, New Hampshire, and current Arizona resident.

We went on a search for Patriots fans who escaped the blizzard, but could not find one.

"I would hope that they are snowed in. If they're not snowed in, it's going to be like an away game," said Patrick Coulombe, originally from Ware, Massachusetts.

Think you have it bad at home? There's more snow in Canada.

"We've got about four feet up there," said Robert Byron of Prince George in British Columbia.

New England transplants were on nearly every street corner in town.

"Hey Springfield, what's up," said Andre Halfide, who is from Springfield, Massachusetts.

And ask any Patriots fan: marrying into this team's fan base is not just allowed, but encouraged.

"My husband is actually the former president of the New England Patriots Fan Club of Arizona," said Gretchen Skigis. 

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