Patriots Looking at Cloudy Season Opener, Downpours


Patriots players and fans have been looking forward to the home season opener for weeks, but unfortunately mother nature doesn't seem to be as excited.

The game is at 8:30 p.m. at Gillett Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and of course it features Super bowl Champions New England Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you are headed to the game, grab the rain gear...you will need it at times.

I honestly feel like most of the game will be dry, however a few downpours and even an isolated thunderstorm will pass through the area. If a thunderstorm moves over the stadium during the game, the NFL may decide to delay the game due to the threat of lightning strikes.

Regarding temperatures...at kick-off it should be around 68 degrees cooling down to 66 towards the end of the game.

However, it always feels colder inside the stadium and with soggy conditions even more!

Dress warm and take a rain coat, or poncho on your way out!

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