Special Super Bowl For Big Tom Brady Fan

Meredith Lewis is one of only 240 people in the world with a rare disorder called Fox G1.

The Super Bowl will have special significance for one Franklin, Massachusetts, family.

Meredith Lewis is one of only 240 people in the world with a rare disorder called Fox G1.

Just eight years old, she loves Pats quarterback Tom Brady, and he is also a very special fans of hers. The Lewis family met Brady through the Best Buddies organization, which helps kids with disabilities. It was a special moment from day one.

“Meredith was actually in her running stroller, her jogger, and we were kind of moving through the crowd, and they got all the Best Buddies up and started to chant ‘one more’ ‘one more.’ We were just trying to force our way through, and we hoisted the running chair up on the stage, and Tom Brady pointed at us, and he had a little tear in his eye,” said Greg Lewis, Meredith’s dad.

Meredith’s family also wants to spread awareness about what Meredith has.

Fox G1 plays a role in developmental skills. There is currently no cure.

Meredith is not verbal, has no control over her movements, and has seizures.

“She can’t reach out and grab a toy she wants to play with,” said her mom Laura.

The family encourages others not to be shy, engage them, and say “hi” to Meredith when they’re out.

Above all, while Meredith’s condition can be challenging at times, they say Brady has given them hope.

Come June, Meredith will be a water girl for Brady and Rob Gronkowski during the Best Buddies football challenge at Harvard Stadium. Her “M” Team will take part in the Best Buddies challenge in Hyannis Port on June 3rd.

They’re also raffling off an autographed Tom Brady jersey and vintage football to help raise money for her cause.

If you want to bid on the football, you can do so here:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/192090815712

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